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LUXURY SPA loungers for hotels, wellness areas and residential saunas


The luxury SICIS heated lounger for your hotel SPA

High quality designer spa lounger

The mild radiant heat over the shiny glass mosaic with its unique effect on our well-being. Perfectly shaped relaxation in a luxury tiled lounger. Timeless design, ergonomic shape, easy-care durability – these heated lounge loungers are real works of art that perfectly complement the upscale hotel SPA area or even the private wellness area.

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SICIS® SPA Lounger

Due to the noble, handmade Italian glass mosaic, the lounger shines in a special brilliance from every viewing direction.

As at SOLEUM almost the complete outdoor steam baths and outdoor sea climate cabins are handmade, so the exclusive SPA heated loungers with high quality glass mosaic from SICIS in a combination with micro-cement or real metallic coating are made in a very laborious work process.

Since more than 900 colors are available, almost any mosaic design can be laid according to the customer’s wishes.

Choose from 192 different glass mosaics of the COLIBRI collection their suitable mosaic surface.

For architects, SPA planners, hoteliers, SPA designers, we will gladly send you the presentation box of COLIBRI collection for a fee. Please contact us before ordering so that we can configure the lounger for you in coordination.

You can see your desired glass mosaic in advance at the following link to SICIS website:

SICIS COLIBRI  Mosaic Colors

The elegant-looking coating with microcement, which gives the wellness lounger a special feel (different colors are available), is also handmade. It’s not just a soothing heated lounger, but an exquisite piece of furniture that enhances your surroundings.

Technical Data

Sicis Mosaic: Colibri Collection
Special epoxy joint compound selected as best as possible according to the mosaics surface
Power Heating: 459W, 230V
The Temperature is free adjustable

delivered ready to plug in, „Plug & Play“

With LED lighting around the base and a handcrafted microcement coating (color selectable).

Dimensions: Lenght159cm, Width 81cm, High 106cm
Weight: only 80kg

Art.: Nr: 4301001000

Private SPA

Bring the pleasant (healing) effect of infrared heat into your home – luxury for your home. Your personal “Private SPA” – whether in the living room, conservatory, bedroom or in the wellness bathroom.

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Luxury SPA lounger dimensions
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Microcement Coating in different colors

Microcement is a two-component system of polymers and cement. You can choose the surface in different colors.

The microcement is applied by hand. For this reason, the customer should accept that slight irregularities and minimal defects can appear when working with a plastic material. Microcement is a handmade product that is unique
manufactured and not mass-produced. Differences in color nuance and/or color concentration should be viewed as valuable elements of the work – not as a blemish.

Microcement coating with OVERLAY

Here in the picture you can see a microcement coating in black / anthracite which has been provided with an OVERLAY, an additional graphic / pattern or an additional design. This additional design layer can be chosen in a different color than the background color.

We can also place YOUR COMPANY OR HOTEL LOGO or your desired graphic here (if possible, extra charge!).

Please contact us!

The appearance of the surface varies depending on the type of surface treatment / surface protection such as wax, varnish, sealing!


Why not even more luxurious touches? Impress your guests with your piece of furniture that looks like a work of art!

Luxurious and Durable: Strong and durable yet lightweight metal finish with a luxurious look. Here, too, additional overlays are possible as desired. Hotel logos too!

Each design has its own distinctive style.

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Luxury SICIS SPA loungers in the swimming pool, next to the pool and in the thermal baths

When used in wet areas such as in SPA facilities (sauna area, pool area), the luxury heated loungers are provided with a special, waterproof coating.

Our loungers are also available for the hamam and also for the steam bath.</ p>

Sophisticated wellness and SPA facilities

Especially in the upper hotel category, the SICIS wellness loungers in combination with a real metal coating impress immensely. This luxurious combination and the positive effect of infrared radiant heat will enchant your guests.

In the following pictures you can see a sample of the real metal plating copper and gold.

Handcrafted coating of real metal, copper and gold
Real metal coating in GOLD
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Sicis mosaic and real metal coating in bronze

Halotherapy dry salt inhalation in a luxury design

Sicis mosaic and real metal coating in bronze

The luxurious combination of SICIS glass mosaic and BRONZE coating was realized here in our outdoor steam bath and halotherapy cabin. Wellness and health treatments packaged in a high-quality design.

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