Heated loungers made of marble – congratulations to Fabio Allemanno, the designer behind the loungers! Marble masterpieces that look like works of art. This collection of heated loungers is the union of design and technology. Elegant heat sculptures made of marble that impress with their healthy radiant heat and the perfect shape of the lounger, which is ergonomically adapted to the human body.

Continuous adjustment of the angle of inclination and three independent heating zones offer an incomparable relaxation experience and many exclusive treatment and therapy options.

A luxurious lounger design “Fabio Allemano Design”

Fabio Alemanno Design created these stylish, heated and multifunctional marble loungers with proven therapeutic benefits for the ultimate in bespoke spa furniture and design.

These are now available from SOLEUM® – we will deliver these marble loungers to you in sturdy wooden boxes or, depending on the distance, deliver them directly.


Heated lounger

Marble infrared heated lounger DIVA

Heated lounger “CLEOPATRA”

Marble infrared heated lounger CLEOPATRA

Heated lounger “CAESAR”

Marble infrared heated lounger CAESAR


Marble infrared heated lounger SQUARE

CLEOPATRA and DIVA, heated beds made of marble, which contain the extraordinary powers of the rock, energy and heat to stimulate the metabolism of the body. Cramps and tension are relieved and rheumatic complaints alleviated. A flow of energy stimulates the senses and takes you on a journey of complete relaxation, where everyday life and stress are far away and make room for a feeling of inner balance in which only regeneration and well-being count.


for demanding wellness and SPA facilities

The heated wellness lounger DIVA is a masterpiece that combines bold design with innovative technology. Sweeping curves, delicate lines and the fiberglass frame with a shimmering metallic finish underline the exclusive character of this model.

Heated loungers made of marble

Heated loungers made of marble for your SPA area

The marble loungers combine the healing properties of natural stone with the therapeutic effects of long-wave infrared heat.

An integrated, controllable electrical system heats the table from below and radiates heat throughout the stone, providing health benefits such as stress relief, detoxification, and the treatment of muscular and osteopathic injuries.

The loungers feature variable incline technology that provides the perfect incline and an almost weightless effect – all while providing full body support.

A flexible, responsive three-zone heating system ensures optimal temperature regulation and the loungers are easy to move thanks to integrated castors. With an easy-to-clean surface, they can be used for a variety of wet spa treatments.

Cut from a single block of stone and handcrafted into a unique, ergonomic shape, the loungers can be customized to suit any spa, with a wide range of design options making it easy to create a piece that is as beautiful as it is functional.

When designing a lounger to match their spa’s design aesthetic, spa owners can choose from a variety of marble colors, as well as unique design touches such as rich leather, exclusive fabrics and a variety of high-quality wood species.

“With its modern design and unlimited customization options, each of our heated loungers is a unique work of art with a flawless ergonomic shape that enhances any environment,” says Fabio Alemanno.

Stunning new SPA design for…

  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Spa Consultant
  • Spa Designer
  • Wellness Consultant
  • Interior Consultant
  • Spa Consulting
  • Wellness Planner
  • People in the spa business
  • Luxury design specialists
  • Spa Architects
  • Spa Design Planner
  • Hotel owner
  • Hotel Decorators


Lady on heated lounger Health

Our heated lounge chairs made of noble marble combine the beneficial effects of different traditional heat treatments in a single application.

The therapeutic depth effect of the radiant heat stimulates metabolism and blood circulation, the resonance with the cell structure supports the natural regenerative power: body and soul gain new energy – the revitalization begins. Heat has something to do directly with well-being and health – people have always instinctively known that. Nobody likes to feel cold, and when it’s cold, you automatically look for a source of warmth. Warmth is simply good and also contributes a lot to mental well-being. Practically all cultures of all times have known that heat can promote health and alleviate various ailments and have developed countless methods of supplying heat to specific parts of the body or as a whole. Even then, the heat applications were used to loosen the tissue, relieve pain and cleanse the body.


The heated loungers can be equipped with a flexible 3-zone heating system on request. The temperature for the legs, pelvis and back can be set separately and optimally adapted to personal heat sensitivity or therapeutic goals. For maximum individuality of your treatment.

Heat Zone Marble Loungers


Suitable for wet areas and applications with water

  • ​Innovative construction
  • Marble
  • Metal
  • Fiberglass

TÜV-UL tested components

Materials of the marble loungers


  • ​The infrared lounger is made from a </ span>single block of marble cut
  • Digital thermostat on the back of the heated lounger
  • Perfect hygiene
Thermostat on the back of the heated lounger


  • Mobile thanks to floor-protecting castors
  • Suitable for INSIDE and OUTSIDE
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Virtually maintenance free
Floor-protecting roles of the heated lounger


You can choose between five exquisite types of marble and many elegant colors for our heated loungers, including skai leather for the headrest and metallic paint for the base.

Color upholstery_metal base

Do you have a new SPA project that deserves special attention?

At SOLEUM you can also get different loungers (from all manufacturers) – ALL FROM ONE SOURCE! We have a very large selection of SPA loungers for high demands and can deliver almost anywhere in the world.

At SOLEUM you can also get different loungers (from all manufacturers) – ALL FROM ONE SOURCE! We have a very large selection of SPA loungers for high demands and can deliver almost anywhere in the world.

Get in touch with us, we would be happy to advise you. Send us an email to sales@soleum.com or use the contact form.

New Hotel SPA concept
A new hotel SPA concept

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