Heated Concrete Lounger “SNOW WHITE”

#DESIGNMÖBEL – Puristic – white concrete

A warming lounger of a different kind. The sober white microcement on this wellness lounger is puristic and elegant.
With its grace of a pearl and the innocent whiteness of the snowflake, it trumps other designs, noticeably.
If you then touch the surface, the first admiration sets in.
An external coolness should not lead to the fact that this beautiful specimen will not spoil you with a thoroughly pleasant warmth from the inside.
Self-regulating, you can adjust the desired temperature and relax on it and make room for your dreams.

“Snowflakes” option: This model is decorated with the finest craftsmanship.

The infrared radiation of the heated lounger has an effect on health, just like solar radiation. The radiation can promote blood circulation, help with colds and tension or rheumatism and help with skin problems. A temperature is set here that you find comfortable (slightly above blood temperature). However, the setting can be made in a very wide range of 30-45°C. A good standard value is about 37°C.

A handmade lounger in white concrete look, which is always integrated neutrally into any room concept.


It doesn’t have to be white. You can order our infrared loungers in trendy pastel shades to match your room concept. The microcement (concrete) is dyed in the desired color.

We look forward to your inquiry!

Available colors for the SNOW-WHITE heated concrete lounger

Extension Options


All heated loungers are available with the special equipment of a reading lamp with a USB connection. The light can be switched to warm white or neutral white (dimmable).

Reading lamp option for the SNOW WHITE heated lounger


  • Power: 459W, 230V (110V on request)
  • The temperature is freely adjustable from ~30-45°C (usually around 37-39°C)
  • The couch is delivered ready for connection. “Plugs & Play
  • With LED lighting under the lounger in warm white.
  • Architectural microcement in ANTHRACITE / BLACK color (many other colors are possible!)

Weight: only about 70kg

Technical drawing heated lounger SNOW WHITE

Dimensions: length 207cm, width 76cm, height 91cm



In a complex process, two additional layers of microcement are applied to the couch. The “snowflake” patterns are given a different color to contrast with the rest of the heated lounger. The result speaks for itself!

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