Luxury heated loungers from SOLEUM

We produce very luxurious, timeless heated spa for the demanding customer and the upscale spa area. We define these heating completely new – away from the plump standard to the optically high -quality spa interior. With its look, the infrared lounger becomes a very prominent piece of furniture with the advantages of infrared radiation heat.

whether private spa, private living area or luxury hotel industry

Each of our loungers is made in elaborate manual work in our factory according to their color and material design. Configure our heated wellness loungers to match your SPA project.

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We offer also other luxury heated loungers

Heated loungers with large ceramic surfaces

Organic aesthetics, fine lines and optimum lying comfort characterize the Lounger One Plus heated lounger. Pleasantly ergonomic heat storage ceramic nestles against the skin. Mild, long-wave ceramic infrared heat invites you to dream and relax.

Heated loungers for SPA areas

For the upscale SPA area, we offer SPA architects, SPA planners and SPA consultants a very upscale, timeless new SPA design. The CERAMIC heated loungers become a high-quality SPA interior. As an Austrian manufacturer of ceramic SPA products and in particular the luxurious ceramic heated loungers, Sommerhuber ranks in the top league of heated lounger manufacturers. Order now from SOLEUM , also with other models of heated chaise lounges. We deliver all in one delivery.

Heated loungers made of marble

The marble loungers combine the healing properties of natural stone with the therapeutic effects of long-wave infrared heat.

An integrated, controllable electrical system heats the table from below and radiates heat throughout the stone, providing health benefits such as stress relief, detoxification, and the treatment of muscular and osteopathic injuries.

The loungers feature variable incline technology that provides the perfect incline and an almost weightless effect – all while providing full body support.

A flexible, responsive three-zone heating system ensures optimal temperature regulation and the loungers are easy to move thanks to integrated castors. With an easy-to-clean surface, they can be used for a variety of wet spa treatments.

Cut from a single block of stone and handcrafted into a unique, ergonomic shape, the loungers can be customized to suit any spa, with a wide range of design options making it easy to create a piece that is as beautiful as it is functional.

When designing a lounger to match their spa’s design aesthetic, spa owners can choose from a variety of marble colors, as well as unique design touches such as rich leather, exclusive fabrics and a variety of high-quality wood species.