Luxury outdoor-SPA SOLEUM EGG

This exclusive special halotherapy cabin was manufactured at the customer’s request. An outside cabin that was built into the customers pool hall.

In addition to the standard functions of tepidarium and moist brine inhalation, the cabin also offers the additional functions of steam operation and dry salt inhalation (HALOTHERAPY).

From the Manufacture

In the cabin you can enjoy an extremely intense moist brine mist. Here, approx. 3% brine solution is finely atomized in the cabin. This creates an unbelievably intense sea climate. You relax in the heated benches and enjoy the sea spray. With every breath you have to inhale. The salt on the skin also has a very positive effect, for example with neurodermatitis or psoriasis/psoriasis. Salt inhalation is also said to have a positive effect for those suffering from long-Covid.

Luxury Steam Bath with Salt Inhalation
Luxury steam cabin with ornament and bronze coating

In the oriental style, an LED-backlit ornament was designed and installed here. The ornament and the benches were painstakingly hand-coated with real metal bronze. In the last step of a real metal coating, the surface gets a “used look” with a special spatula technique. This means that the real metal does not appear plastic.

Luxurious look

The luxurious glass mosaic from SICIS gives the SPA cabin a very exclusive touch. When the booth is not in use but is illuminated, it sets impressive accents in the room or outdoors.

An oriental “mandala” was applied here as the final layer and finely adjusted to the existing real metal alloy.

Pure craftsmanship from the SOLEUM workshop

We are able to incorporate emblems and hotel logos for you!

A selected additional option in this cabin is DRY SALT atomization. Here, non-iodized salt (sea salt) is atomized very finely throughout the cabin using a proprietary technique. This is also called HALOTHERAPY.

The visible outlet you see in the picture is for blowing in the drying salt.

Bronze coating and outlet for dry salt (halotherapy cabin)

The integrated hand shower offers a connection option for hot and cold water. If you only run cold water to the cabin, you must have the plumber connect the two connections.

After a soothing scrub (e.g. salt), you can shower off with the hand shower. However, their main use is for regular rinsing/cleansing of the cabin after a salt or tea inhalation.

Use the internal stainless steel button to switch the following on/off:

  • Brine fogging
  • Steam Generator
  • Fragrance pump
  • Switch from different color programs
Hand shower in the outdoor steam bath