The luxury SPA concept for SPA designers, architects and luxury hotels

Warm luxury for your guests

For the upscale SPA area, we offer SPA architects, SPA planners and SPA consultants a very upscale, timeless new SPA design. We are completely redefining heated loungers. Away from the clumsy standard to the optically high-quality SPA interior.


Each of our loungers is elaborately handcrafted in our factory according to your color and material design. Configure our heated wellness loungers to suit your SPA project.

What distinguishes our modern SPA heated loungers?

We can seamlessly transition into the planned design of your wellness and SPA area. With its material inspirations, we produce a complete variety that is unique and able to give shape to the most different design instances: tiles, glass, stone, wood, marble, gold, bronze or copper plating, etc With porcelain stoneware it is possible to create a relationship between indoors and outdoors using the same material to create a unique environment without filters.

Stunning new SPA design for…

  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Spa Consultant
  • Spa Designer
  • Wellness Consultant
  • Interior Consultant
  • Spa Consulting
  • Wellness Planner
  • People in the spa business
  • Luxury design specialists
  • Spa Architects
  • Spa Design Planner
  • Hotel owner
  • Hotel Decorators

A new SPA concept: “Concrete loungers” with fire

You can complement our loungers with a three-dimensional fire. This is an ultrasonic water which, with high technology and lighting, is as real as real fire. No danger, however, and an absolutely impressive look!

Heated concrete loungers – warming architecture

Even without the fire box, the concrete (look) loungers make a good impression with the dimmable LED lighting. You stand impressively in the room and not only invite looks to you. Feeling, sitting and lying down is announced and desired here!

LOVT with fireplace - a modern SPA concept

LUXURY SPA heated loungers

Whether luxurious glass mosaic from the SICIS® manufactury in Ravenna/Italy, heated “concrete” or a combination of different materials. EVERY lounger becomes a handmade UNIKAT.

our selection of exclusive heated loungers…