Outdoor wellness in the middle of Munich

Private sea climate on your own roof terrace – the “Roof-Top-SPA”

In this customer project, a sea climate cabin equipped as a fully-fledged steam bath was lifted onto a roof terrace in Munich. You can see the crane transport further down in this article.

In the sea climate cabin Soleum, finely atomized, diluted, non-iodised brine is sprayed – a real pinch of sea air, so to speak. The salt increases perspiration, detoxification and cleanses and cares for the skin.

This outdoor sea climate cabin was designed with two different seats (one is a comfort seat).
The SPA cabin can accommodate 4 people. It is a tepidarium, steam bath and SOLEUM (salt inhalation via a nebulizer) all in one.

Outdoor wellness sea climate cabin thalassotherapy roof terrace

Picture gallery of this outdoor SPA cabin

In this post, we’ll let the images speak for themselves. Outdoor wellness Munich, on the roof terrace, in the garden by the pool or in the hotel SPA area.

The integrated hand shower offers a connection option for hot and cold water. If you only run cold water to the cabin, you must have the two connections connected by the installer.

After a soothing scrub (e.g. salt) or mud packs, you can shower off with the hand shower. Its main use, however, is for regular rinsing/cleansing of the cabin after a salt or tea inhalation.

Hand shower in the outdoor steam bath


After the materials have dried and after successful testing and quality control, the cabin is transported by truck to its destination in Munich.