Inhaling tea in the TEEDARIUM® – Tea inhalation chamber

As a rule, inhalation is carried out by the inhalation of vapor or mist (aerosols).

Everyone knows the procedure “face over the bowl and towel over the head”. Due to the inhalation technology in the SOLEUM Health SPA, the tea is atomized very finely and very quickly. The tea mist is located in the entire cabin.

With every breath you inhale the tea into the upper airways and bronchi.

  • Sage Inhalation

    • anti-inflammatory and expectorant for cough, runny nose, sinusitis and middle ear infections
    • antibacterial and also antiviral; therefore, well suited for viral infections
    • generally well tolerated, therefore suitable for children

  • chamomile inhalation

    You have a wound healing, deodorizing and antibacterial effect. Main application areas with internal use are gastrointestinal complaints such as gastritis, enteritis, colitis, flatulence, cramping, discomfort
    in the digestive tract and menstrual cramps.

    External use finds the real benefit is chamomile in skin and inflamation of the mucous membranes, in bacterial skin diseases, including the oral cavity and gums, inflammatory, respiratory diseases.

    Chamomile tea strengthens the immune system and can be helpful in this way for colds.

  • PEPPERMINT Inhalation

    The most important ingredient is the essential oil. Peppermint has a stimulating effect on bile flow and bile juice production, antispasmodic for complaints in the gastrointestinal area, is antimicrobial and antiviral.

    Therefore, it is used in gallbladder complaints (also lighter bile colic) and used successfully for “upset stomach”.

    The essential oil is also used to inhale for cold sores; As with all strong-smelling essential oils: caution in infants and small children.

    In the case of a cold, the subjectively perceived cooling effect is emphasized, which is perceived as refreshing and pleasant.

  • THYME Inhalation

    • expectorant for cough, runny nose, sinusitis, middle ear infections and throat and pharyngitis.
    • antispasmodic, therefore well suited for spasmodic coughing.

In the commercial sector (e.g. hotels, spas, therapy companies)

When used in the commercial sector, you can thus offer your customers four different inhalation attractions (chamomile tea, peppermint tea, sage tea and thyme tea) – you can easily set the duration of the application via the Smart Control or via your web browser (operating and break times).