#interiordesign – OAK meets CONCRETE

You feel a feeling of closeness to nature when you relax on our special kind of heated lounger. Warm oak wood encases the heated infrared lounger and on the surface you warm up on seamless concrete.

Our product is characterized by the finest craftsmanship.

Surrender to deceleration in a class of its own.
Be it in the private or in the hotel sector, our heated wellness lounger can take root anywhere thanks to its natural nature.

It fits perfectly in luxury chalets, country-style hotel rooms, but of course also in the rustic wellness area.

The infrared radiation of the heated lounger has an effect on health, just like solar radiation. The radiation can promote blood circulation, help with colds and tension or rheumatism and help with skin problems. A temperature is set here that you find comfortable (slightly above blood temperature). However, the setting can be made in a very wide range of 30-45°C. A good standard value is about 37°C. So you can let your soul dangle in somewhat cooler or warmer forest areas.

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It doesn’t have to be CONCRETE GRAY. You can order our heated infrared loungers in trendy pastel shades to match your room concept. The microcement (concrete) is colored in the desired color. You will thus receive your personally tailored design furniture with infrared heat.

We look forward to your inquiry!


Extension Options


All heated loungers are available with the special equipment of a reading lamp with a USB connection. The light can be switched to warm white or neutral white (dimmable).

Optional reading lamp for the heated lounger

Fiery water mist “fire water” and chest of drawers oak look

You can also optionally supplement the WOODON heated loungers with our 3D fire water. Illuminated water mist creates a realistic image of a flame. Approximately 7l can be filled into the tank and the running time is approx. 20-40h (depending on additional evaporation).

As part of the overall concept, we also supply you with the matching installation box in matt black or, as shown here, in the OAK look.
On request, we can equip the chest of drawers with compartments and doors so that the cavity in the box can be used as storage space. We would be happy to make you an offer here.

Ultrasonic fire plus firebox oak finish
Handmade microcement, available in different shades


The microcement is always applied by hand in several layers and provided with grain. With the grain, the processor tries to make so-called “inclusions” and light spatula strokes in the final layer. This gives the layer the actual look of concrete with air pockets and the formwork lines. Of course we can completely do without structures, patterns and inclusions. The lounger is then smoothed out homogeneously.


  • Power: 459W, 230V (110V on request)
  • The temperature is freely adjustable from ~30-45°C (usually around 37-39°C)
  • The couch is delivered ready for connection. “Plugs & Play
  • With LED lighting under the lounger in warm white.
  • Architectural microcement in GRAY color (many other colors are possible!)

Weight: only approx. 80kg

Technical drawing heated loungers SOLEUM WOODON and LAGOON


The heated infrared lounger – warming seamless concrete

Whether private SPA, living space or in the company or hotel sector:

The WOODON lounger likes to put down its roots where the country house style is popular. In Swiss, Tyrolean or Salzburg chalets or in upscale country hotels whose interior design is characterized by a lot of oak and LED lighting.

our selection of exclusive heated loungers…