Luxury Spa Experiences

The new SOLEUM® SPA – Sea Climate Chamber. A new SPA-Highlight for Indoor and Outdoor.

Welcome to the world novelty Soleum – the first and only sea climate cabin for outdoor use! A high-quality product …made in Austria. The seamless surfaces of the cabin provide pleasant radiant heat. The most delicate salt mist is not only good for the respiratory tract, but it also covers your entire skin. They are changing colored light and pleasant feel-good music round off the therapy and wellness experience. Whether dry salt inhalation, moist brine mist, or tea inhalations – a high-quality technology controls the entire wellness cabin. Treatment and wellness programs can be controlled via smartphone, tablet, and remote maintenance.

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Color Light mode

Color light is emitted via the cabin ceiling as well as over the backrests of the benches. Fixed colors or color changing modes - these can be set individually via the SMART Control (smartphone / tablet / web browser).


Jointless continuous surface

The Jointless continuous surface coating of the SOLEUM is a microcement which you can choose in 26 different colors (interior color and exterior color). The look is minimalist, modern and elegant. The material is extremely resistant to climatic influences and wear and easy to clean.


Dry Salt Inhalation Halotherapy

In dry form, the salt has the strongest healing effect on the respiratory system and skin. Microscopically fine salt particles are blown into the SOLEUM® using a patented technique. Halotherapy is a dry salt therapy that is provided in man-made environments, utilizing special equipment called a halogenerator that disperses a precise dry salt aerosol into the salt room or chamber.


Steam bath

If you have the opportunity to place the steam generator in a frost-proof environment, then you can upgrade the SOLEUM Outdoor SPA to a steam room. The cabin becomes a full-fledged steam bath - with brine inhalation. Just awesome!


Smart Control

The entire spa cabin is "smart" and is completely controlled via smartphone, tablet or web browser. The temperatures and energy consumption of the cabin can be checked at any time.