Luxury spa sea climate cabin, outdoor steam bath and heated loungers for the upscale spa area

The SOLEUM® OUTDOOR SPA – marine climate cabin and outdoor steam bath. A new wellness highlight for INSIDE and OUTSIDE.

SOLEUM® – the first and only sea climate cabin for outdoor use! A high-quality product …made in Austria. The seamless surfaces of the cabin provide pleasant radiant heat. The most delicate salt mist is not only good for the respiratory tract, but it also covers your entire skin. They are changing colored light and pleasant feel-good music round off the therapy and wellness experience. Whether dry salt inhalation, moist brine mist, or tea inhalations – a high-quality technology controls the entire wellness cabin. Treatment and wellness programs can be controlled via smartphone, tablet, and remote maintenance.

Overview of the outdoor SPAs

We produce three sea climate cabins and steam baths for outdoor use

You can choose from three different sea climate cabins such as OMEGA, EGG and ELLIPSE. Each of the cabins can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. They differ in design and comfort. OMEGA and EGG are similar, but our SOLEUM EGG impresses with the imposing large shape of an egg. The ELLIPSE is the most spacious outdoor steam bath, it offers two heated loungers and comfort seats and thus maximum relaxation when inhaling and sweating.

For discerning people and for the upscale hotel industry, we offer exclusive heated loungers as a supplement to the outdoor steam baths to: HEATED LOUNGERS from SOLEUM. We also offer you a completely new SPA concept: Heated loungers with 3D fire


  • Outdoor wellness München
  • SOLEUM-SPA-Thalassotherapiekabine
  • Soleum-Health-SPA-OMEGA_Mikrozementbeschichtung

Outdoor Wellness Munich

Outdoor wellness in the middle of Munich Private sea climate on your own roof terrace - the "Roof-Top-SPA" In this customer project, a sea climate cabin equipped as a fully-fledged steam bath was lifted onto [...]

  • Soleum-Salzinhalationskabine-600
  • Soleum-Thalassotherapie-SPA-Investition

SPA investment marine climate cabin

SPA investment marine climate cabin A modern SPA investment is the purchase of a marine climate cabin. This cabin allows you to offer your guests the benefits of saline inhalation. In the sea [...]

  • Dampfsauna im Außenbereches des Gasthofes kleines Vorwerk in Deutschland
  • Außen-Dampfbad im Gasthof kleinen Vorwerk Deutschland
  • Dampfsauna EGG für den Außenbereich

Outdoor steam sauna

Outdoor steam sauna with salt inhalation The exclusive steam sauna for the outdoor area, feel good, relax and inhale the sea climate with a view of the outside. The hotel "kleines Vorwerk" [...]

  • SOLEUM-EGG, Luxury steam bath with SICIS mosaics
  • SOLEUM-EGG, Luxus Meeresklimakabine für den Außenbereich mit SICIS Mosaic
  • SOLEUM-EGG, Luxury outdoor-SPA with SICIS mosaics


Luxury outdoor-SPA SOLEUM EGG This exclusive special halotherapy cabin was manufactured at the customer's request. An outside cabin that was built into the customers pool hall.In addition to the standard functions of tepidarium and [...]


Breathtaking furniture design

Heated loungers reinterpreted – ART & SPA

For the upscale hotel industry and discerning customers

Luxury Heated Loungers Overview

Exclusive Heated Lounges by SOLEUM

We produce very luxurious, timeless heated SPA loungers for discerning customers and the upscale SPA area. We are completely redefining these heated loungers – away from the clumsy standard to a visually high-quality SPA interior. Thanks to its appearance, the infrared lounger becomes a very prominent piece of furniture with the advantages of infrared radiant heat.

whether private SPA, private living area or luxury hotel

Each of our loungers is elaborately handcrafted in our manufactory according to your color and material design. Configure our heated wellness loungers to suit your SPA project.

The Luxury SPA concept for SPA designers, architects and luxury hotels

Warm luxury for your guests

For the upscale SPA area, we offer SPA architects, SPA planners and SPA consultants a very upscale, timeless new SPA design. We are completely redefining heated loungers. Away from the clumsy standard to the optically high-quality SPA interior.

ART & SPA luxury unique artwork

Each of our loungers is elaborately handcrafted in our manufactory according to your color and material design. Configure our heated wellness loungers to suit your SPA project.

A new SPA concept: “concrete loungers” with fire

You can complement our loungers with a three-dimensional fire. This is an ultrasonic water which, with high technology and lighting, is as real as real fire. No danger, however, and an absolutely impressive look!

Heated concrete loungers – warming architecture

Even without the fire box, the concrete (look) loungers make a good impression with the dimmable LED lighting. You stand impressively in the room and not only invite looks to you. Feeling, sitting and lying down is announced and desired here!

LOVT with fireplace - a modern SPA concept