These loungers, with adjustable heat and stunning designs, are functional art, designed for every setting.

Heated loungers redefined, read why…

A complete line of these loungers is available to fit every decor. Each lounger comes with LED underlighting, and adjustable heating settings to deliver a comfortable, powerful natural relaxation and meditative experience. Ideal for indoors and out, these loungers are made with top-quality products and hand-crafted in Austria.

Soleum, Austria’s innovator in the realm of wellness and relaxation, has unveiled its latest masterpiece in high-end spa experiences: heated loungers that provide comfort and style in every setting.
A complete line of these loungers is available to fit every decor.

Luxurious room mood

Realistic 3D fire

Whether private SPA, living space or in the company or hotel sector:

These fire pits create an enormously realistic fire using ultrasonic fogging.

The fire box is only to be filled with water.

Soleum’s luxury loungers are constructed with high-end materials like luxury Italian SICIS® glass mosaic combined with concrete or real metal coating. The loungers’ design is as essential as the health benefits of infrared heat. An optional eye-catching fireplace in the back further enhances the loungers’ appeal, transforming it into a prominent piece of furniture with the advantages of infrared radiant heat.

heated loungers LOVT - the concrete lounger
Luxury SICIS® glass mosaic with design glass elements

Heated loungers in concrete / microcement

We give this piece of furniture a great concrete look through the manual coating of microcement. Individual structures result from processors and samples. Different colors are possible here.


Heated wellness loungers are not a new development. At SOLEUM you can also get the wonderful and exclusive heated marble loungers by Fabio Alemanno or the SOMMERHUBER heated loungers with fine ceramics. Both heated lounger manufacturers also have a portfolio of luxury heated loungers that impresses – suitable for your SPA project!

SOLEUM’s inspiration for the new heated wellness loungers with different materials

“We was inspired to produce such luxury loungers as in many luxury hotels and resorts, high-end quality products are requested and will be bought. We combine different materials to produce handcrafted, unique loungers.”

Seit über zwei Jahrzehnten arbeitet Soleum in der Wellnessbranche. Das neueste Angebot, beheizbare Liegen, ergänzt den bereits beeindruckenden Katalog an Spa-Produkten des Unternehmens. Soleum ist auf die Erstellung maßgeschneiderter Designs für vorwiegend private aber auch gewerbliche Einrichtungen spezialisiert.

luxury heated loungers


The newest offering, heated loungers, adds to the company’s already impressive catalogue of spa products. With a specialisation in creating bespoke designs for commercial settings, Soleum can also deliver pre-assembled units to a location, depending on the distance from the factory.
Their latest offering, the Soleum® heated loungers, is now available for delivery worldwide. Each lounger is hand-crafted and inspected by the experts of Soleum in Austria.
The Soleum lounger moves past ‘furniture’ to functional art that will change every space, whether it’s a private home, a hotel or resort, or spa. And each comes with Soleum’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Bring these works of art into your world, impress guests and family, and deliver a new level of relaxation and comfort.

The heated loungers are delivered in stable wooden boxes.

“Heated wellness loungers made of concrete” with 3D fire – a new SPA concept!

You can complement our heated loungers with a three-dimensional fire. This is an ultrasonic water which, with high technology and lighting, is as real as real fire. No danger, however, and an absolutely impressive look!

heated microcement loungers, perfect for the HOTEL-SPA area

A future SPA concept for the upscale hotel industry

Even without the fire box, the concrete (look) loungers make a good impression with the dimmable LED lighting. You stand impressively in the room and not only invite looks to you. Feeling, sitting and lying down is announced and desired here!

The heated lounger LOVT with fireplace - a modern SPA concept

About Soleum Spas
Founded in Austria, Soleum Spas is an industry-leading innovator with over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-end spa solutions. The company provides a unique blend of modern technology and traditional healing concepts, specialising in creating luxury heated loungers and innovative saunas for discerning customers, luxury hotels, and upscale spa facilities around the world. Soleum is renowned for its custom designs and pre-assembled units, tailored to individual needs, and can deliver worldwide. The company’s commitment to reinvigorating age-old wellness practises is embodied in its unique offering, the Soleum Health-SPA Sea Climate Chambers and Heated Loungers, which deliver incomparable style, outstanding craftsmanship, and stunning healing and comfort. For more information about Soleum and its groundbreaking products, visit
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heated lounger heated lounger FLYING CARPET

The ottoman design lounger of the luxury class. A masterpiece!

heated lounger RED-ROSE

RED ROSE: Crimson glass mosaic tiles shimmer from every angle. Available in over 190 colors!

heated concrete lounger concrete-heated lounger LOVT

Trendy “CONCRETE LOUNGER” with only 70kg. A concrete-grey microcement coating ensures timeless architecture.

heated stone lounger concrete-heated lounger SNOW-WHITE

Elegant WHITE with a subtle pattern inlay. An extraordinary design lounger.

heated concrete lounger, concrete heated lounger MYTHOS

Black/anthracite always looks classy and neutral to the environment.

classic heated lounger with SICIS® glass mosaic COLIBRI Collection

The classic heated lounger with luxurious SICIS® glass mosaic and microcement coating.

Classic country-style heated lounger

The classic heated lounger with luxurious SICIS® glass mosaic and microcement coating.

Heated loungers with 3D fire as a new hotel SPA concept

Heated loungers with 3D fire as a new hotel SPA concept

Heated SPA loungers with large ceramic surfaces