The sea climate cabin from Soleum is unique and has many advantages. But what is a marine climate cabin? In the following you will learn more about the benefits, the place of use and the optional options with which you can equip the wellness cabin. More health benefits and all in one cabin!

What is the sea climate cabin?

The basic equipment of the marine climate cabin is a TEPIDARIUM with the option of inhaling moist salt mist .

An absolutely humid sea climate is created in the cabin – similar to a very intense sea spray – and that in just a few minutes!

You sit on heated, comfortable benches, enjoy the infrared radiant heat in the cabin and inhale the salty air. SEA CLIMATE: Thalassotherapy is the inhalation of moist brine mist. The health benefits of brine inhalation are explained to you here: Thalassotherapy inhalation of sea climate

There are two main categories of salt therapy: wet salt treatments and dry salt treatments.

SOLEUM sea climate cabin, thalassotherapy


With the same technique that you use to atomize the salt water, you can also finely nebulize different types of tea. We then call this TEEDARIUM®. Another health benefit you can enjoy with the SOLEUM!

TIP: Boil 1 liter of tea (filter well so that there are no small parts in the liquid) and then dissolve 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt in it. This gives you a double effect. TEA and SALT! You can’t smell the salt, but you can taste it on your skin.

Read here which tea is suitable for this: Tea inhalation in the TEEDARIUM

TEEDARIUM Inhale tea


A tepidarium is a warm room with temperatures between 30° C and 40° C. usually similar to human body temperature.

The humidity is low to medium. The visitor should warm up slowly and carefully and above all relax. To support this, soft background music can be played in the SOLEUM.

In the SOLEUM (models like OMEGAe, EGG or ELLIPSE), all surfaces are electrically heated and can be regulated separately. SMART – via mobile phone, PC or tablet. Either in the vicinity of the cabin or from outside – the cabin can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world as long as the cabin is also connected to the Internet.

SOLEUM Smart Control

Outdoor steam room – STEAM OPERATION in cold climates

Area of application for the outdoor SPA: location, climate zones

In the basic configuration, the sea climate cabin is a tepidarium, with which temperatures in the interior can reach around 37°C. In frost-free areas, the use is completely sufficient, since it is mainly about the benefit of the Soleinhalation. In all country zones where lower temperatures can occur, the use of the optional steam generator is absolutely necessary in order to be able to maintain the required internal temperatures. Read more about this here: Use of steam technology

Video about steam operation in the SOLEUM®

ELLIPSE outdoor steam bath, the outdoor steam bath

At 100% humidity and approx. 45-47°C (adjustable) you sweat a lot. The preheating time depends on the outside temperature and is around 30-40 minutes.

The steam generator is located directly behind the cabin in the “technical area”. You need a 1/2″ (cold water) frost-proof water supply line for the cabin. The steam generator requires a 400V connection (also possible with 230V)

Dry salt inhalation option. What is HALOTHERAPY?

Salt has been known for many centuries as a natural remedy for body, mind and soul. Above all, it can help to breathe better again, which is why it is an excellent form of therapy for respiratory diseases such as asthma or bronchitis, and dry salt inhalation can also help with allergies.

Halotherapy in the SOLEUM

In dry form, the salt has the strongest healing effect on the respiratory organs and skin. Microscopically fine salt particles are blown into the SOLEUM® using a patented technique. The size of the salt particles is the same as that in the natural salt mines: 1 to 5 mµ, which is why the particles, which are inhaled in the form of tiny crystals, can get deep into the lungs and reach all the bronchi.

The treatment with dry salt, also known as “halotherapy”, often takes place in so-called salt caves or salt grottos, in which the salty air is inhaled.

In the video you can see the fine salt spray (dry salt) that spreads throughout the cabin.

The SOLEUM® is an inhalation room with pleasant radiant heat, relaxing music and colored light.

Inhaling the dry salt stimulates the self-cleaning power of the mucous membranes. The effect is anti-inflammatory, germicidal, decongestant and relaxes the smooth muscles of the airways. Ventilation and breathing are improved. The entire skin surface also benefits from the fine salt therapy, skin inflammation and itching are significantly reduced.

Stunning new OUTDOOR SPA for…

  • Architects
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The extension of your garden and POOL SPA

Outdoor steam sauna

Up until now, a steam bath for outdoor use was difficult or impossible. The water for the steam generator and for the shower must be routed to the cabin in a frost-proof manner. However, SOLEUM® has managed to regulate the cabin intelligently. Numerous sensors measure the temperatures outside, in the technical area and in the cabin. Even when the temperature is below zero, the cabin is regulated in such a way that it always has PLUS degrees and thus no icing problems can arise. However, the cabin must never be disconnected from the power supply.

The sea climate cabins and outdoor steam baths are delivered in one piece, fully assembled!

The following requirements must be met on site:

  • Lay high-voltage current (380-400V, 50HZ) to the steam cabin
  • Create drain DN40
  • Create a frost-free water supply to the cabin (cold water or warm/cold water as required)
  • Internet connection (can also be made via SIM cards – not included in our scope of delivery!)

We produce three outdoor steam baths

You can choose from three different sea climate cabins such as OMEGA, EGG and ELLIPSE. Each of the cabins can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. They differ in design and comfort. OMEGA and EGG are similar, but our SOLEUM EGG impresses with the imposing large shape of an egg. The ELLIPSE is the most spacious outdoor steam bath, it offers two heated loungers and comfort seats and thus maximum relaxation when inhaling and sweating.

Special models are luxury steam baths such as the SICIS® SPA cabins – you can customize the cabin here and with a elaborate, exclusive and imposing design made of mosaic stones. We can offer the tile design in all three cabins. Depending on the pattern and design, you will receive a tailor-made offer here – you will receive a work of art with many health benefits, a SPA UNIKAT!

For discerning people and for the upscale hotel industry, we offer exclusive heated loungers to supplement the outdoor steam baths to: HEATED LOUNGERS from SOLEUM

See our various steam bath models in detail here


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Dry Salt Inhalation Halotherapy

In dry form, the salt has the strongest healing effect on the respiratory system and skin. Microscopically fine salt particles are blown into the SOLEUM® using a patented technique. Halotherapy is a dry salt therapy that is provided in man-made environments, utilizing special equipment called a halogenerator that disperses a precise dry salt aerosol into the salt room or chamber.


Steam bath

If you have the opportunity to place the steam generator in a frost-proof environment, then you can upgrade the SOLEUM Outdoor SPA to a steam room. The cabin becomes a full-fledged steam bath - with brine inhalation. Just awesome!


Smart Control

The entire spa cabin is "smart" and is completely controlled via smartphone, tablet or web browser. The temperatures and energy consumption of the cabin can be checked at any time.


Jointless continuous surface

The Jointless continuous surface coating of the SOLEUM is a microcement which you can choose in 26 different colors (interior color and exterior color). The look is minimalist, modern and elegant. The material is extremely resistant to climatic influences and wear and easy to clean.

We also recommend customers and interested parties from Germany and Austria to visit our websites: SOLEUM Germany and SOLEUM Austria.

You can order ready-made WARM LOUNGERS in our SHOP ( subject to availability).