Luxury steam bath

SPA investment marine climate cabin

SPA investment marine climate cabin A modern SPA investment is the purchase of a marine climate cabin. This cabin allows you to offer your guests the benefits of saline inhalation. In the sea climate cabin Soleum, finely atomized, diluted, non-iodised brine is sprayed - a real pinch of sea air, so to speak. [...]

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Outdoor steam sauna

Outdoor steam sauna with salt inhalation The exclusive steam sauna for the outdoor area, feel good, relax and inhale the sea climate with a view of the outside. The hotel "kleines Vorwerk" in Sayda, Germany has built a new SPA area. In addition to the weightless floating salt bath, the nature spa [...]

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Luxury outdoor-SPA SOLEUM EGG This exclusive special halotherapy cabin was manufactured at the customer's request. An outside cabin that was built into the customers pool hall.In addition to the standard functions of tepidarium and moist brine inhalation, the cabin also offers the additional functions of steam operation and dry salt inhalation (HALOTHERAPY). From [...]

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