Soleum OMEGA SPA Projekte

Die Hotel SPA Produkt-Innovation: Hier stellen wir Ihnen einige OMEGA Projekte vor.

Outdoor Wellness Munich

Outdoor wellness in the middle of Munich Private sea climate on your own roof terrace - the "Roof-Top-SPA" In this customer project, a sea climate cabin equipped as a fully-fledged steam bath was lifted onto a roof terrace in Munich. You can see the crane transport further down in this article. In the sea climate [...]

Outdoor Wellness Munich2023-06-12T15:20:36+02:00

SPA investment marine climate cabin

SPA investment marine climate cabin A modern SPA investment is the purchase of a marine climate cabin. This cabin allows you to offer your guests the benefits of saline inhalation. In the sea climate cabin Soleum, finely atomized, diluted, non-iodised brine is sprayed - a real pinch of sea air, so to speak. [...]

SPA investment marine climate cabin2023-06-12T13:21:06+02:00
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