Project Description

Sea Climate Chamber OMEGA

The OMEGA model is round, futuristic and stylish. This spa and treatment cabin was designed for the private and commercial sector. Due to the special round shape and the types of treatment such as brine mist inhalation in combination with infrared heat, colored light and music turns this product into an impressive treatment SPA and eyecatcher at your site.


Our Clients

  • Private pool area, garden places, roof terrace

  • Hotels

  • Health hotels

  • Thermen

  • Treatment plants

  • convalescent home

  • Municipal business (eg public swimming pools)

  • SPA Villas

  • Day SPA, Fitnes Studios

  • pool areas

For use in the commercial sector (hotel, spa facilities, spa, ..) you can offer your customers the following SPA highlights:

  • Salt inhalation

  • various tea inhalations (chamomile, peppermint, thyme, sage)

  • Algae or moor scrubs for example

  • Rubbing with salt during the wellness treatment

  • With the steam mode option, guests sweat much more, so that the skin pores open more

  • You could also sell the treatments! Certain “treatment programs” can be customized for you. After the guest has paid the therapy program will be unlocked.



  • Power connection with 230V (with steam bath option 400V)  Ω  The consumption is about 1500W / h on average (with steam bath option ~9kw)

  • Foundationt Ω  weight incl. glass ca. 500kg

  • water drainage  Ω  the cabin has a DN50 water drain on the rear side

  • WLAN Access Ω  We also offer a remote maintenance on request



For a surcharge with exclusive SPA ceramics


SOLEUM; OMEGA Soleum-Health-SPA Meeresklimakabine für Außen SOLEUM; OMEGA außen dampfbad SOLEUM; OMEGA außen sauna OMEGA Dampfbad für Außen, Sauna, Meeresklimakabine für Außen Outdoor SPA Dampfbad für Außen, Meeresklimakabine für Außen Poolhaus mit OMEGA Dampfbad für Außen, Meeresklimakabine für Außen Hacienda mit OMEGA Dampfbad für Außen, Sauna, Meeresklimakabine für Außen Wellness zu Hause Dampfbad für Außen, Dampfbad für Yacht Cruising Line Dampfbad für Außen, Dampfbad für öffentliches Bad kommunale Bäder

optional options

standard equipment

  • already designed for outdoor use

  • Heat cabin (infrared radiant heat)

  • brine mist

  • Tea-Inhalation “TEEDARIUM®“

  • Color Light

  • Music

  • Smart Control – Control via Smartphone/WEB

  • seamless, robust surfaces

options to select

  • Steam bath – with high-end electrode steam generator

  • Dry salt inhalation (Halotherapy) for therapy

  • Perfume emulsion over the steam (in conjunction with the steam generator)

  • Shower faucet (mostly private)

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SOLEUM Health SPA OMEGA Langversion
SOLEUM Health SPA OMEGA Langversion
Soleum-Omega-Sea Climate SPA Sauna clong version
SOLEUM Health SPA OMEGA Langversion

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